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Bomb Shelter Selfies

Operation Protective Edge kept life interesting…

The West is Clueless

my Ynet piece following the Itamar murders was originally called “Howl”…but I suppose that was too artsy…

Get the Hell Out of My Face

appeared on about 150 websites and blogs, including:

…It was also translated into Italian and Russian.

On Memory

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The Other Mother’s Day

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On Work and Freedom

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  2. I have had enough, I think it is time to give those who dont like Jewish people at least a good reason, I am tired of the double standards out there, you touched on it in your editorial. the states shuld give both new mexico and texas back to the mexicans , and Hawaii ack to the hawaiians, and China should free Tibet,,
    Its kind of like las vegas, just go there gamble and lose a lot of money and then tell the casino you want it back, you were only kidding. well life and war is like that , if you go to war and you lose, you lose everything, and theres notakeseeys back after,
    explain that to those bleeding palastinian hearts.
    thats the gyst of my story, hope it makes sense to you,. I enjoyed writing it,
    Phil Weinstein

    By Phillip Weintein on Dec 11, 2011

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