About Sara

Wherefore Word-Well?

Just what the world needed: Another blog. And yet, I had to do it.

Because I believe in the power of words to not only reflect particular realities and share them broadly (the Blogspel Truth?), but also to change or rediscover our experiences, hopefully elevate them. (Maybe monetize them?)

I am never content with tepid, bottled content.

Both the practical and the romantic uses of language are of equal relevance to me: I have tried to divide them – passionate Hydrogen (life) from practical Oxygen (making a living) – but keep finding them together, as nourishing water, underground.

Who Are You? Who Are You?

(I am a Walrus.)

Actually, I am a:

I used to enjoy the clichéd angst of being creative in highly conformist suburbia, but now I mostly enjoy being home when I can get there.