Webcontent Production and Project Management

Delek Energy Systems

Wrote and managed the content on this site for Israel’s leading natural gas exploration and production company. (Unfortunately, I was paid in cash rather than stock options.)

Global Care Medical

Wrote / edited the content on this site for a leading medical tourism company. If you don’t know what medical tourism is, I encourage you to read it and meet the future.


Back in the day, my handlers and I *almost* launched this fabulous Teen Webzine, part of a fabulous family advice site. Then the market crashed (the first time.) But the site still lives and I am forever a 26-year-old agony aunt.

Nuvo Group

Check out the content I developed for this cutting-edge baby gadget company. I worked on the first product’s packaging, as well.

Eternal Signs

Another heavenly project which I managed and wrote, in conjunction with PBCS technology and Mack Design Studios.

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