Note to the Wall from a Fixer

Mar 21st, 2014

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As one who is historically a wall Myself -
steadfast -brave -keeper and giver of confidence -cool yet porous- alive
…and so
shrapnel-scarred as others
expect demand delude
over –and- underestimate others and
try to take
shots over my head,
pound me for the sins of

I understand your name: Wailing.

They’ve misunderstood and think
*they* are meant to wail
but I know it’s you, Wall, doing the crying:

How much can you contain the anger fear devastation desperation contempt of others
before you harden to smooth,
past able to absorb
from the endless need
so many hands
…simply crumble?

Now they call you “Western”

but I hear you Wailing
and I have some advice from
My tenure as everybody’s
refuge -shadow -rock -barrier:

While you are 2000 years behind.

They will only miss you
when they can’t punch and kiss you.

- God, 2014

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