Parallel Universe

Well. It was only a matter of time before I joined the pop blog culture; Life has been interesting, and I wanted to share broadly...

Dr. Toughlove or: How I Learned to Stop Over-Verbalizing and Love the Bomb

The following mini-rant is not about regaining our senses of privacy in a self-absorbed digital age. It is not even about a spoiled generation taking back responsibility, disappo[...]

Almost There: Existential Edging

It is almost the Jewish New Year, and I almost care. As the year begins, I believe the space of the almost is underrated, because wholeness, certainty, and serenity bore me to tears. I feel almost like this is a lazy approach, and almost like it is brave. I feel like there is a lot of energy in almost, and also a lot to mourn.

Mother of Creation

Rome and Paris are deeply embarrassing cities for artists and writers who have abandoned their craft. Before I became the manager of creative processes in the service of selling a secure future to the Jewish People, I was elbow deep in the creation itself, often simply in the service o[...]


This is not a House of God.

In Memoriam: Esther Klein (1918-2011)

If funerals were given to creative staging, I would invite you to my kitchen for a fitting tribute to this great lady.

Summer Prayer of a Hebrew Redneck Wannabe

virginia_route_613_shield_-_old This post is about 95% recycled from 2009. But it's still true, so I figured, what the heck: Every summer, right in the hot, soft belly of July/August, especially on thick, soupy nights like this one, I'm hit with it in the head, like the skillet of an angry housewife: the[...]

Ten Things I Learned from the Royal Wedding

1. I don’t care who you are, if you are white and 85 years old, you really oughtn’t wear yellow.

Note to Self: Part 7

Mak goes out to California to interview a hi-tech celeb, his ex-college buddy, just after the collapse of the web bubble. (That first, redefining one, back in 2000.)

Burqa Babes are Back

Burqa Babes from SarKE on Vimeo.

Muslims, Chill: This Isn’t About You Since this story has once again reared its ugly unknowable, covered head, I thought a re-release of our 2008 video was in order. Especially just before Oscar season.