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Note to Self: Part 5

Ok, we're back. In this installment: Mak, inspired by NB, is able to finish his article. And then he and Andrea have it out over a beer...or three...

Note to Self: Part 4

Here's where it really starts, in the direct chat between HS (Mak) and NB (You don't know her yet.) Thanks for hanging in there, reader.

Note to Self: Part 3

OK, readers. Mak is Back for the 3rd installment. (Hint: In the chat room chapter below he is Hands_Solo. In case you don't get that right away.) A note: When I wrote this back in 2000, there was no social media, only chat rooms and message boards. I was one of the first 700,000 people on ICQ, before it was bought out by AOL. It was all research, of course. That goes without saying.

Note to Self: Part 2

Next installment on le novel. Minimal narrative scared the agents. Does it scare you, reader? Feedback, pls!!

Note to Self: My Unpublished Novel

...Here you go. The first installment. This novel-in-pieces thing is going to take a long time. How deliciously Dickensian.

Where We’ve Been

Telegraphic Account of this Last Month: ...Stumbled upon amazing job opportunity on, of all places, Twitter....