Triangle Triptych

vicky-cristina-barcelona I know it’s autumn because the yearly Torah reading cycle is back at Genesis, with all of the complex internecine business – Betrayal! Sex! Murder! – that being human, even the kind that talks to God, seems to brings with it. It’s the time of year I like to bring out my biblical poetry (every girl needs some in her repertoire, no?) and post it for the four or six people who appreciate it. Speci[...]

Weekly Verse

photo by: massdistraction So, you want people? Let them in, but just so much past the door; otherwise they will either park on your soul or you will end up wanting more. Choose: Which welcome mat position? You lose yourself, Or you simply lose.

Turnpike Insomnia

Being the only one awake life stands still; I am timeless with no company, no measuring stick of kitchen or toys. It’s now about whatever I can push into the empty closet of two a.m., in a house full of little (and one big) boys.

Suburban Worship

photo by: Dean Terry Our Lady of Compromise - at the Corner of Stability and Main - invites you to a Sisterhood Brunch in Honor of Everyone Being the Same.