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Jan 16th, 2011

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Telegraphic Account of this Last Month:

    - Stumbled upon amazing job opportunity on, of all places, Twitter.
    - Went back to work full time, hiring afternoon babysitters and firing up the old hair straightening iron. The translation on the box from the Chinese calls it a “hair styling teacher.” Glad I did not go to school in China.
    - Peggy the copywriter is back on the train to Tel Aviv.
    - Symbolically, my WordPress dashboard breaks with an update. No more blog.
    - WordPress, you have some splainin’ to do.
    - Symbolically, the highly convenient train I take to work is abruptly discontinued until further notice pending repair on the line and re-assessment of train safety, producing a highly inconvenient commute.
    - Israel Railways, I love you, but this year, you really suck. Too much ex post facto that should have been a priori.
    - Peggy the copywriter drives to a much farther train. Pffft.
    - I *love* my job – relaxed atmosphere, fun people, professional climate, good business, room for initiative. Adults and coffee. All day. And free access to geeks. Yes.
    - Money.
    - No sleep. Ever. But everything else seems to fit in.
    - Really bad flu, which turned into pneumonia.
    - Worst flu epidemic in a decade, doctor says.
    - Antibiotics.
    - Sleep back in. Deep, healing, Shakespearean sleep. So exercise takes the hit.
    - My web designer and her coder fix my dashboard. (Ask me how much I love geeks.)
    - Symbolically, a dead bird falls into my lap Thursday when I was having brunch on my day off. (Is this about Twitter?) I did not scream.
    - Back to exercise. And sleep. What will shift now? Maybe cleaning. Ha. (Ask me about my OCD.)
    - Testing out new WordPress with this post. So maybe blogging back, as well.
    - Groceries still need to be put away half a day after purchase.
    - I promised readers (via Twitter) to post my unpublished novel, in pieces, on this blog. That’s what’s next.
    - Happy 20th Gulf War Anniversary to all my sealed room compadres.
    - (Accio Groceries!)
    - Damn.

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