Burqa Babes are Back

Burqa Babes from SarKE on Vimeo.

Muslims, Chill: This Isn’t About You Since this story has once again reared its ugly unknowable, covered head, I thought a re-release of our 2008 video was in order. Especially just before Oscar season.

TEDx in Jerusalem: In Search of the Greater Good

Altruism2 A world renowned physicist, a brilliant bio-tech founder, and a celebrated science biographer walk into a Hillel house… and raise the bar. The recent TEDx ‘Talpiot’ event in Jerusalem, in a word, made me feel late.

Memo to the Master of the Universe

she-ra-princess-of-power Here’s what I’m hoping You can answer for me: Do You believe - given the current reality of our world rather than any idealized version You’d had in Mind - in democracy, critical prosperity for all levels of society, scientific advances, basic human rights, and broad personal freedoms for men and women alike? I ask this sincerely because it seems that many of those who don’t believe in these thi[...]

Prescription for Patient X, the Humans

house-cast-house-md-35149_1152_864 Patient X, the Humans, presents to clinic disoriented, unable to agree on a future, and with significant retrograde amnesia.

A Start Up Odyssey

spartan-brad-pitt ...I was convinced that my enthusiasm for the subject matter, the brilliance of the ideas, and the undisputed high quality of the people I was dealing with somehow guaranteed a flawless product, even though I had totally lost focus. I think I’ve been there before. Oh, yeah. A decade ago. When I worked for an internet startup. (Still, irrationally, my favorite job ever.) The initial assignment, and the bottom line (in both[...]

On Tragedy…..and Triumph

job_complaint_blake_copy The thing about tragedy is that, almost by definition, it completely takes us by surprise. Life has very few rules we all feel apply both personally and globally, but one of them is, or should be, that people outlive their parents. And live long enough to perhaps become parents themselves. Tragedy takes these basic assumptions, assumptions we need to make in order to thrive, and in one awful moment tells[...]

From Helen to Hellenism: All You Need is Love

bedin350 Why, you wonder, do we not just dissolve our salty selves into the Great Sea of Man? Imagine – no countries! No religion! Why all the – oh, please let me savor this shaved-ice phrase again – “vicious tribal cartography” that deeply identified Jews so forcefully engrave upon the enlightened, blind-to-race world? Why, you ask, the ugly, Shylockian “we, we, we, we, we”? Why not join the collective, the universal, the mythic, theTimelessOri[...]

Get the Hell Out of…My Face

rachel-berry-glee Here's the thing. I've been thinking about poor Helen Thomas, who I believe was probably just saying what everyone thinks and has therefore been made a scapegoat. Not that I really care, because we ought to share the scapegoat status once in a while. It's the least we can do to dispel the stereotype that we are stingy, us irritating Jews.

Things I’ve Seen on Recent Travels

Photo by: Avi Eisen I have seen 4 am April snow in Vermont, a great white eraser of global woe, and my children soaking, freezing and thrilled by the time 6 am arrives, at which time they request craisins and a carrot for the snowman’s face. I’ve seen my teenager clean an icy windshield in his pajamas using tourist brochures, the machismo already firmly enough entrenched to make the prospect of gloves, socks, or a coat utterly ridiculous for this task. I’ve seen how m[...]

Yom Hashoah, Harry Potter, and Reality TV

HP I have an unshakeable feeling this Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day. And that is that the day we mark the Jewish status as victims is only still significant in that we no longer are.